WLCI - Fashion Designing Testimonials

Name: Rupa Roy
Batch: 2011-2014
Level: FCL-II
Specialization: Fashion Technology

I really enjoy the challenge of learning new things, meeting new people and solving new problems. Since childhood I wanted to be something different, different from others. I used to sketch a lot that time. My parents supported me a lot. Everybody goes for professional but I wanted something interesting and that is when I thought for Fashion Designing.

When I was looking for a good college, I got to know about WLC from a career counselor. From starting I never had any problem. The faculty is good; I learned a lot new things here and new ideas to develop my mind.

I got to know more about fashion, designers, also got the opportunity to meet designers see their work. Learned a lot about fabrics, textures, different kind of patterns, colors etc.

I personally think of launching my brand in Paris Fashion Week. I want to b known as one of the biggest designers in the world and known for my own style.

WLCI Fashion School: Swatch Rendering Competition

About the Event :- Fashion students of ICL-II batch of Delhi campus have participated in a competition of Swatch Rendering on 25th Feb 2011. The competition held in the campus premises. As we can see the images have the complete story to say. The participants showed their full enthusiasm in the event. Excellent and winning work displayed by few students like Aditi, PriyankaRaghav, AparnaSoni and SakshiPrashar. Winning designs encompasses traditional, Nursery, abstract, strips, metallic, and many more.

About the Subject:-Fabric in a drawing is not necessarily about fiber or weaves; it is about the surface interest of a particular fabric. These surface interests encompass both pattern and texture. Drawing a pattern or texture, the sketch is called rendering.All clothing materials have a different feel, texture, structure and look. The costume designer may present initial ideas in the form of thumbnail sketches, color palettes, fabric swatches, or pictures. Once final designs have been approved, the costume designer creates renderings.  Costume designers' renderings include swatches, or small samples, of each fabric to be used in the costume. The costume designer gives the renderings to the costume shop for use in constructing the costumes. Renderings may also contain verbal instructions. Once approved; these swatched renderings go to the shop, where they are turned into finished garments by the drapers and stitchers.

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