Your fashion statement can be your fashion career!

Fashion is a fusion of inspiration, style and individuality. The greatest of fashion designers know the importance of individuality. Style should generate from within you and you should present it in the physical form via the media of fashion. One should strive for individuality and not lose their identity. In fashion, one should strive to be the herder and not the sheep. The late Alexander McQueen, one of the greatest designers of our time had once said “I kind of like it the way it is right now ... I believe in that one-on-one sell.

 In today’s time, the fashion speaks for one’s own personality and thus has become a literal part of our culture and society at large. Now everybody wants to be updated with the current trends of the fashion. This keenness of being updated has made a lot of students to learn more about this field. Lot of students are taking up this as a profession and enroll themselves in fashion studies.  Fashion designing has been upsurge as a booming sector of the economy and has shown great potentials.

Fashion degree-A lucrative career option

Fashion today has become a very lucrative job for young students to carve their path in. In the past ten years, the Fashion Industry has boomed to great extents. Many fresh and creative talents have been induced from today’s generation, and as we speak the fashion industry is on its path to become an alpha industry and a very attractive career advancement opportunity for youngsters who can be as creative and passionate.

Today, many universities offer a degree in Fashion which is looked upon highly. In india, there are quite a few excellent institutes for studies in Fashion and related subjects.  Some of them are the WLCI Fashion School, NIFT and Pearl Academy of Fashion.

What one can do with a Fashion degree and relative subjects is countless and also increasing. Some of the top programmers related to fashion that are offered in these institutes are Fashion Design, Fashion Management, Fashion Marketing and Fashion Merchandising

WLCI Fashion Students Designed for DLF Emporio Design Awards

WLCI Fashion students have participated and selected in a unique design competition of Tee- Shirt making. DLF Emporio brings to the platform Design Awards for talented students carefully chosen from across all prestigious collages of India and abroad. The students have been selected from a London institute, WLCI- Delhi, NIFT- Gandhinagar, Raffles Delhi etc. “DLF Emporio Design Awards” – is the first edition of an exclusive Design Awards to honour young, innovative and emerging talent in the field of fashion design. A jury of prominent designers, artists and celebrities such as socialite Priya Sachdev, entrepreneur Mohit Gujral, Fashion Editor Bandana Tiwari , Fashion Designer Rohit Bal and FDCI President Sunil Sethi shortlisted the best entries that have been showcased at DLF Emporio atrium for a week-long exhibit.Commenting on the occasion, Ms Dinaz Madhukar, Vice President, DLF Emporio says, “We feel extremely proud to announce a platform such as Design Awards for the students who are the stars of tomorrow. It’s our delight to bring together the best of creative talents and honour their creativity.”A personalized press release and an internship with a prominent Indian Designer, along with promotion in the DLF Emporio newsletter to design professionals and clients and a yearlong coverage on the DLF Emporio International Designs Awards website are the added feathers to the winner’s hat.

Geet Rani Sharing her Experience With WLCI School Of Fashion

I have chosen Fashion as my carrier because I was always attracted towards variety of clothes and accessories. I wishto create something innovative and extremely creative for my clients.

It is a delightful experience to be in this industry and work with top designers. I would like to give special thanks to our program manager -Mrs.Bhavna Sharma for sharing her industry experience and making us equipped with knowledge. WLCI has provided me the best facultiesfrom industry to improve my creative skills. I have got the best assistances from the college.

I want to explore my skills in leather industry as designer and I am looking forward to grab the opportunity to work with buying house as my future carrier.

"The Gift Of Solitude" A journey to silence and peace

WLCI Fashion students have visited Exhibition at India Habitat centre , Lodhi Road on 8th May 2012. Group Exhibition- The Gift of Solitude - Art Exhibition by 29 Artists organised by Mrigna Group.Participating Artists include: Dr. Shardool Mishra, Neeta Gaurish Pathare, Gunjan Coulagi, Surbhi Bali, Neeti Hegde, Versha Viyaas, Swati Pasari, Vibhu Mahendru, Pratibha Panesar, Kamla Ravikumar,Manish Manjulkar, Mahendra, Priyendra Shukla, Subrata Sen, Madhumita Bhattacharya, Sunil Jaiswal, Raghuveer Saha, Rakhi Baid, Harshpriya Kalra, Parmananda Choudhary, Chaitali Dey, and others.Everyone needs solitude sometimes in their lives. Solitude fills the mind with empty space for images we find. Introverts and lovers of solitude look for moments where they can be with themselves and soothe their souls. We are always aware of the joys that silence and solitude brings. Many have experienced the joy of waking up before everyone in the household and having the sunrise greet you noiseless and beautiful. Being alone on the sea coast has always enchanted us. Something about the expansive sea, the breakers recurrent crashing into the shore, having such vast beauty to myself gives particular calmness to my spirit. The artist also fills that space by painting the empty canvas with the image they find in their souls and that fulfills the urge of solitude. That is 'The Gift Of Solitude' to the world by the artist.Solo Exhibition -Moods of Nature Moods Of Nature Solo exhibition of paintings by Manjula Bajaj , drawing inspiration from Nature and little walks of life. This exhibition depicting nature in its myriad manifestations. Her paintings are in oils and watercolors and show the insight of our moods and feelings.

Fashion Designing-A career for creative thinkers!!

The word ‘fashion’ immediately conjures up images of glitz and glamour. And many young people, attracted by these attributes decide to foray into fashion only to realize that what they see outside is not the inside story. As a result, fashion courses are widely been taken up by students as their career option. Fashion industry offers plenty of opportunities for enthusiastic, talented and hard working youngsters.

 Prospects for fashion designing programs are pretty good thanks to the huge and still growing demand for “designer wear” and the equally large volume of exports. Along with fashion consciousness and creativity, you also need excellent communication skills to articulate your ideas and understand the client’s requirements. Knowledge of the market is also required

WLCI School ofFashion offers integrated fashion programs, which help students to make career in fashion designing industry.

WLCI-School of Fashion Technology

Since students are working on "Gothic" theme, Here's a helping hand to provide you and idea about the theme, work and garments. These are various clicks from Alexender McQeen's collection on Gothic.

"The particular way in which the Goth subculture dresses itself and uses make-up to give the appearance of death is a physical representation of the belief that modern society has sucked the life out of humanity. By appearing in such a way the members of the Goth subculture are making a general declaration to the rest of society and in particular to the dominant culture that they are to blame for creating these monsters, these walking dead."

There are many different types of Goths and many different types of Goth clothing. The outfits can be quite intricate and quite pricey. The materials, colours, influences and styles of the various fashions differ greatly from one another. Gothic music and fashion are symbiotic. For example Cyber fashions usually reflect the themes of Industrial music.

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An experience shared!!


I  decided  my carrier in fashion  when  I  was  in  9th Std. I saw many fashion shows on T.V and I realize fashion industry is growing every second.
Then why can’t I be a part of it?

From that day,I decided FASHION as my carrier.

In July 2010 I joined WLCI to pursue my dreams.

I am learning alot of things from my college. I personally think at WLCI my carrier and carrier path will certainly find a right track. I would be a better professional and person due to all the learning am doing in WLCI.

I am a proud WLCI Student andafter completing my course from this college

I will join Designer house and will learn more practical aspects of my field.

After  that  I  will  establish  my  own  FASHION  DESIGNER  DEN.

Because  I don’t  want  to   say  that  I am just a fashion designer, I want to be a an excellent fashion designer… the best of my field. I want  my  own  name  and Fame.

Institute of Fashion Designing in India

WLCI Fashion students participated in draping session on 28th April 2012 taken by Ms. Sumina Gupta in the campus. Drape is the way that fabric hangs. The process of draping involves sewing loosely hanging material to a garment to create a flowing look. Though it can make for a very dramatic effect when done properly, it does take skill and practice. Many designers choose to experiment with the way fabric hangs, but there are also objective ways to measure drape. This technique is commonly used in making dresses, but can also be used to make blouses, skirts, and pants.

Draping usually begins with a designer taking a basic garment and putting it on a dressmaker's model. The garment is generally already sewn into its core shape — for instance, a bias-cut dress would start out as a bias tube on the model. Next, the designer takes pieces of fabric and pins them to the garment where the drape is desired, which will give the final garment its shape. Most of the time the pinned fabric is not the same as the fabric that will be used for the final garment, but rather a similar cheaper fabric. This is because the fabric that's pinned on the dress will often be cut or marked on during the design process, which can be expensive with fine cloths.

The ever growing fashion industry

Fashion designing in the recent past has grown tremendously. It’s no more just only for high class people, rather people in day to day life have adopted fashion as part of their lifestyle. Earlier, where designer clothes were afforded by only rich people, now the situation has changed totally. Fashion designing has become an essential part of today’s culture and society. Everybody, despite of geo economical factors is influenced by fashion and has incorporated their life accordingly.

Fashion Designers now a day’s make lot of money through this profession. These designers first learn this art and polish their creativity by pursuing any integrated course from any university or school of fashion design. The fashion designing courses nurture the creative talent of young minds and employ them in the right direction. Now days, there are a lot of sub fields offered in this industry. It is not only the creative minds that can make career in this industry, whereas people interested in operational work can also enter this arena. To know more about this profession, you can check with different fashion schools like wlci and others. 


WLCI Fashion Testimonial

BATCH: 2009-2010

Fashion is important in life.I always wanted to be unique and wanted to explore my ideas in the world in Fashion.

 I choose fashion as my carrier option because I wanted to make myself irreplaceable in this world and prove.

It is a great and a beautiful time we spend in WLCI; got nice faculties, friends and lot of fun with studies... During the lectures waiting for a break to go to the canteen to get relax enjoy with friends… Submission days of each project were actually fun… spending time with faculties in the class solving everyone’s problems enjoying every moment in the college. Once graduated, we will be missing these days spent in WLCI.

I have got traineeship and internship through WLCI, which other colleges generally don’t provide…. Gaining experience while doing our course with appropriate knowledge. College also arrangeslectures by best of the people from industry coming as guest lecturer.
After completion of course, I see myself working under some good designer and then launching my own brand in future….