WLCI - Fashion Designing Testimonials

Name: Rupa Roy
Batch: 2011-2014
Level: FCL-II
Specialization: Fashion Technology

I really enjoy the challenge of learning new things, meeting new people and solving new problems. Since childhood I wanted to be something different, different from others. I used to sketch a lot that time. My parents supported me a lot. Everybody goes for professional but I wanted something interesting and that is when I thought for Fashion Designing.

When I was looking for a good college, I got to know about WLC from a career counselor. From starting I never had any problem. The faculty is good; I learned a lot new things here and new ideas to develop my mind.

I got to know more about fashion, designers, also got the opportunity to meet designers see their work. Learned a lot about fabrics, textures, different kind of patterns, colors etc.

I personally think of launching my brand in Paris Fashion Week. I want to b known as one of the biggest designers in the world and known for my own style.


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