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Students of WLCI School of Fashion have visited Delhi Collage of Art annual exhibition on 26th March 2012. Delhi Collage of Art (DCA) is an institute on a mission to help such innumerable unrecognized artists; refine and sharpen their skill...s to perfection. We have found the atmosphere homily. The 59th annual art exhibition is a week-long event in which sculptures, drawings, prints in etching, lithography, posters and photography by the students of this college is displayed. They have displayed art pieces made by students all over the campus. O P Sharma, a fellow of Royal Photographic Society of London, Ved Paul, a famous artist and Vijay  
 Mohan, Principal of the art college were also present at the event.

Fashion Institutes in India

College – WLCI School of fashion
Batch – 2011-2014
Specialization – Fashion Technology

The Fashion industry has so much more to offer than just a design career. While becoming a fashion designer may be the most obvious way to get involved, there are opportunities for people with skills that run the gamut from garment construction to spotting trends to photographing the final looks.

Pursuing a career in fashion designing seems not only a lucrative profession but for some inspired people it's a means to satisfy their creative requirement.

When I came to WLCI, I felt very nervous but when I met to the teachers’ n students. I became very familiar to them. I have concerned so many things. While the journey of wlci learned about colour, pattern and much more about fashion now. I changed a lot n thanks to WLCI for all.

Fashion Clothing Store is not an easy business but once you learn the tricks it will give you a lot of profit. So I want to set up my own fashion store.


Fashion Designing and its Booming Industry

Fashion designing in the recent past has grown tremendously. It’s no more just only for high class people, rather people in day to day life have adopted fashion as part of their lifestyle. Earlier, where designer clothes were afforded by only rich people, now the situation has changed totally. Fashion designing has become an essential part of today’s culture and society. Everybody, despite of geo economical factors is influenced by fashion and has incorporated their life accordingly.

Fashion Designers now a day’s make lot of money through this profession. These designers first learn this art and polish their creativity by pursuing any integrated course from any university or school of fashion design. The fashion designing courses nurture the creative talent of young minds and employ them in the right direction. Now days, there are a lot of sub fields offered in this industry. It is not only the creative minds that can make career in this industry, whereas people interested in operational work can also enter this arena. To know more about this profession, you can check with different fashion schools like wlci and others.

Fashion Clothing Store is not an easy business but once you learn the tricks it will give you a lot of profit. So I want to set up my own fashion store.

Thank you.

Fashion Technology

Name: Grishma Maharjan
Batch: 2011-2013
Level: ACL-II
Specialization: Fashion Technology
 My interest in Fashion started when I was in 8th standard. At that time my aunt was doing Fashion designing. Her way of working encouraged and stimulated me. I am also inspired by Korean Fashion. The way Korean designers apply their ideas and convert it into dress form, is astonishing and the style is so exclusive and different.

I came to know about WLC through internet. I got selected and joined my classes in    the mid of 1st semester but still I didn’t had to face any problem because of our cooperative faculty.

Here, I got to know a lot about the prominent designers, their work the way they create garments with interesting patterns and fabrics. We even got to know about different types of fabrics.

I want to be identified as one of the best designers and launch my own brand in international market. I even want to gain some experience by working under recognized international Fashion designer.


Fashion... Cool designs

Name              -  Ritu jhamb
College            -  WLCI School of Fashion
Batch               -  2011 – 2014
Specialization  -  Fashion Technology

 "Fashion"... "Cool designs!"... "Great & confident looks!"... "Stylish!"... Do these words sound great to ears? Why not! Gone are the days when everybody looked plain and simple...nothing to really differentiate.. Everybody wanted to be either a doctor or an engineer...seemed like no other profession was available or was deemed respectable in the society.
I have shown a huge interest in taking Fashion as carrier to enhance my creativityand get first-hand information on how the fashion world works.

 "Every moment of your life is an opportunity for fashion."

Getting to a place where born  into a profession can be challenging. But when I came to WLCI, my dream comes true. It has been amazing studying in WLCI. When we meet somebody new, we often feel nervous but here in WLCI teachers areso knowledgeable and familiar. Also, the staffs are very cooperative. I am learning new things and want to learn more n more….

WLCI School of Fashion developed a sense of style, trends, and culture in me. College is also aiming on more practical matters, like fostering great business skills, building a meaningful portfolio, and learning from fashion professionals. One of the most important tasks I am grabbing here is establishing my fashion portfolio.


Testimonial For WLCI School Of Fashion

NAME: Aparna Soni
BATCH: 2010-2013

Fashion degrees are about learning in & out of the business & refining your skills. My career is not determined by my passion. My career indirectly promotes the fulfillment of my passion.

WLCI School of Fashion helped me to enhance my talent and creativity. The course structure is worthy and innovative as compared to Indian standards.

In focus to nurture my creativity and promoting it to the level next, WLCI School of Fashion has given me opportunity to participate in many in-house fashion shows.

There are various sectors related to fashion that a designer can opt to work in. I want to be a businesswoman and to start up with my own export house dealing with garment business in a wide range of men`s, women`s & kids clothing.

I express my gratitude to college to give me a unique platform to show my artistic expertise.

Fashion at Work by WLCI Delhi

WLCI Fashion School Delhi - This is the work done by 2nd Semester students in a span of  1 week time. It will be grateful if we could get the precious comments of our followers of the page. 



WLCI Campus Placements

Preeti S. Kapoor (Registered Member in FDCI ), a NIFT graduate, after 8 Years of experience as design head with M/s Ogaan India Pvt Ltd New Delhi, she launched her Label ‘Preeti Meshram Kapoor’ in 2002. She is member of FDCI and life member of FICCI Ladies Organization, EPCH (Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts), AEPC (Apparel Export Promotion Council).

She specializes in Trousseau wear, which takes care of the entire lexicon of clothing that of woman wear for all occasions. Her ability to catch up customer’s futuristic fashion outlook and its incorporation in her creations has earned appreciation from customers and celebrities all over the world. In the recently concluded Wills India Fashion Week 2008 “Priti Meshram Kapoor” re-launched her label as “Preeti S. Kapoor”.

Internationally her collection is available under her label at
  • Indiska (Sweden)
  • Rosso Regale (Italy)
  • BeamLtd. (Japan)
  • ModaIn (Kuwait)
  • Zinia (Kuwait)
  • Rocco(Bahrain)
  • Silk Land (Dubai) to name a few.

Domestically her creations are available in

  • Carma (New Delhi)
  • Kimaya(Mumbai)
  • Ogaan(Mumbai).
  • WLC Selected Students :
  • Himanshu Ahuja working as Assistant Designer
  • Farzana Rahman working as Assistant Designer
  • Pema Dolma Interned as Assistant Designer

About WLCI School of Fashion Design:

Among the popular institutes and colleges in India offering Fashion Design, there is WLCI Institute Of Fashion Design, which was established with a vision of offering the youth of the nation with comprehensive studies and training in different fields of Fashion Technology. At the Fashion School, students learn special set of skills required in the Fashion industry. The different fashion courses include illustration, design process, product development, trend forecast, pattern making, draping, surface ornamentation techniques and garment construction. Besides, students are provided with extensive practical experience through live projects that integrate theory and practice. Identifying and nurturing the fashion ideas of the students forms the backbone of this Fashion Designing Institute