Fashion As A Career

Fashion today has become a very lucrative job for young students to carve their path in. In the past ten years, the Fashion Industry has boomed to great extents. Many fresh and creative talents have been induced from today’s generation, and as we speak the fashion industry is on its path to become an alpha industry and a very attractive career advancement opportunity for youngsters who can be as creative and passionate.

Today, many universities offer a degree in Fashion which is looked upon highly. In india, there are quite a few excellent institutes for studies in Fashion and related subjects.  Some of them are the WLCI Fashion School, NIFT and Pearl Academy of Fashion.

What one can do with a degree in Fashion and its relative subjects is countless and also increasing. Some of the top programmes related to fashion that are offered in these institutes are Fashion Textile, Fashion Management, Fashion Marketing and Fashion Merchandising.

WLCI Fashion School offers Cerificates in Fashion Management, Professional Studies in Fashion Marketing, among a few.



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