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Now days the people are more fascinated about their clothes which can also suit their attitude and personality. Be it a guy or any girl, everyone is very much concerned about their style statement and latest trend of their attire, rather than price of their clothes. But people never think about how many efforts have been taken to create one single piece of that particular dress. It is believed that the cloth has been created by the fashion designers. But in reality, every garment is created by the result of efforts by many people. This knowledge opens the door of different career opportunities where one can opt for the world of fashion.

The course infashion technology will cover all the three phases of fashion designing and they are: creative field, technical field and the business field. The result comes along with combined effort of all these three aspect of fashion industry.

Eligibility requires:

The minimum eligibility to qualify for undergraduate courses to 10 +2 with 50% marks. After getting the results you can go to the candidate, and post-graduate course in fashion design. As part of the selection phases are written test, situation test, group discussions and interviews. The aspiring fashion designers must be creative, artistic, and should also have the right to express their ideas to implement their ideas in sketches. The person must have a sense of colour, view the skills and knowledge of market trends. The fashion design courses have a number of opportunities in the world today.

Job Prospects in Fashion Technology:

After the successful completion of the course One can find the successful career in garment, leather and jewelry industry as merchandising executives, fashion designer, illustrators, fashion coordinators, etc. There are many such places like export houses, textile mill, garment store chains, boutiques, leather companies, jewelry houses, fashion show organizers where an aspirant can surely get good opportunities.  


way2 college January 15, 2013 at 4:12 AM

NICE BLOG!!! Over the years, fashion has taken sudden turns. Fashion was not only secluded to one area. It is spread out all over the world. But in every country it also depends on its culture and traditions. Thanks for sharing..
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RAMAN SHARMA July 12, 2013 at 3:09 AM

The information in your blog is very informative. Keep up the good work.
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