Fashion... Cool designs

Name              -  Ritu jhamb
College            -  WLCI School of Fashion
Batch               -  2011 – 2014
Specialization  -  Fashion Technology

 "Fashion"... "Cool designs!"... "Great & confident looks!"... "Stylish!"... Do these words sound great to ears? Why not! Gone are the days when everybody looked plain and simple...nothing to really differentiate.. Everybody wanted to be either a doctor or an engineer...seemed like no other profession was available or was deemed respectable in the society.
I have shown a huge interest in taking Fashion as carrier to enhance my creativityand get first-hand information on how the fashion world works.

 "Every moment of your life is an opportunity for fashion."

Getting to a place where born  into a profession can be challenging. But when I came to WLCI, my dream comes true. It has been amazing studying in WLCI. When we meet somebody new, we often feel nervous but here in WLCI teachers areso knowledgeable and familiar. Also, the staffs are very cooperative. I am learning new things and want to learn more n more….

WLCI School of Fashion developed a sense of style, trends, and culture in me. College is also aiming on more practical matters, like fostering great business skills, building a meaningful portfolio, and learning from fashion professionals. One of the most important tasks I am grabbing here is establishing my fashion portfolio.



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