Fashion Institutes in India

College – WLCI School of fashion
Batch – 2011-2014
Specialization – Fashion Technology

The Fashion industry has so much more to offer than just a design career. While becoming a fashion designer may be the most obvious way to get involved, there are opportunities for people with skills that run the gamut from garment construction to spotting trends to photographing the final looks.

Pursuing a career in fashion designing seems not only a lucrative profession but for some inspired people it's a means to satisfy their creative requirement.

When I came to WLCI, I felt very nervous but when I met to the teachers’ n students. I became very familiar to them. I have concerned so many things. While the journey of wlci learned about colour, pattern and much more about fashion now. I changed a lot n thanks to WLCI for all.

Fashion Clothing Store is not an easy business but once you learn the tricks it will give you a lot of profit. So I want to set up my own fashion store.



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