"The Gift Of Solitude" A journey to silence and peace

WLCI Fashion students have visited Exhibition at India Habitat centre , Lodhi Road on 8th May 2012. Group Exhibition- The Gift of Solitude - Art Exhibition by 29 Artists organised by Mrigna Group.Participating Artists include: Dr. Shardool Mishra, Neeta Gaurish Pathare, Gunjan Coulagi, Surbhi Bali, Neeti Hegde, Versha Viyaas, Swati Pasari, Vibhu Mahendru, Pratibha Panesar, Kamla Ravikumar,Manish Manjulkar, Mahendra, Priyendra Shukla, Subrata Sen, Madhumita Bhattacharya, Sunil Jaiswal, Raghuveer Saha, Rakhi Baid, Harshpriya Kalra, Parmananda Choudhary, Chaitali Dey, and others.Everyone needs solitude sometimes in their lives. Solitude fills the mind with empty space for images we find. Introverts and lovers of solitude look for moments where they can be with themselves and soothe their souls. We are always aware of the joys that silence and solitude brings. Many have experienced the joy of waking up before everyone in the household and having the sunrise greet you noiseless and beautiful. Being alone on the sea coast has always enchanted us. Something about the expansive sea, the breakers recurrent crashing into the shore, having such vast beauty to myself gives particular calmness to my spirit. The artist also fills that space by painting the empty canvas with the image they find in their souls and that fulfills the urge of solitude. That is 'The Gift Of Solitude' to the world by the artist.Solo Exhibition -Moods of Nature Moods Of Nature Solo exhibition of paintings by Manjula Bajaj , drawing inspiration from Nature and little walks of life. This exhibition depicting nature in its myriad manifestations. Her paintings are in oils and watercolors and show the insight of our moods and feelings.


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