WLCI-School of Fashion Technology

Since students are working on "Gothic" theme, Here's a helping hand to provide you and idea about the theme, work and garments. These are various clicks from Alexender McQeen's collection on Gothic.

"The particular way in which the Goth subculture dresses itself and uses make-up to give the appearance of death is a physical representation of the belief that modern society has sucked the life out of humanity. By appearing in such a way the members of the Goth subculture are making a general declaration to the rest of society and in particular to the dominant culture that they are to blame for creating these monsters, these walking dead."

There are many different types of Goths and many different types of Goth clothing. The outfits can be quite intricate and quite pricey. The materials, colours, influences and styles of the various fashions differ greatly from one another. Gothic music and fashion are symbiotic. For example Cyber fashions usually reflect the themes of Industrial music.

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