An experience shared!!


I  decided  my carrier in fashion  when  I  was  in  9th Std. I saw many fashion shows on T.V and I realize fashion industry is growing every second.
Then why can’t I be a part of it?

From that day,I decided FASHION as my carrier.

In July 2010 I joined WLCI to pursue my dreams.

I am learning alot of things from my college. I personally think at WLCI my carrier and carrier path will certainly find a right track. I would be a better professional and person due to all the learning am doing in WLCI.

I am a proud WLCI Student andafter completing my course from this college

I will join Designer house and will learn more practical aspects of my field.

After  that  I  will  establish  my  own  FASHION  DESIGNER  DEN.

Because  I don’t  want  to   say  that  I am just a fashion designer, I want to be a an excellent fashion designer… the best of my field. I want  my  own  name  and Fame.


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